Corpor8solutions; Our Researched Business Solutions are Your Competitive Advantage

Corpor8solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with innovative corporate strategies. In addition to our range of ‘tools’ and services for organisational improvement, we now offer a range of leading edge, web-enabled management tools as well as a complete website development service and a host of state of the art Internet Solutions.

The business world is rapidly realising that websites are more than ‘brochures on steroids’; they are total business systems and no longer the domain of ‘techno-babblers’. We specialize in developing web solutions that can be completely maintained by the non-techno end user. Our clients are able to change their own text and images whenever they want… keeping the site fresh and saving valuable time and money.

Organisational Services include:

· Organisational research and development strategies

· Staff climate surveys and structured improvement programs

· Market and social research

· Internet/web-enabled Management Tools (Corpor8ITsolutions)

· Advanced Business Solutions

· Energy saving technology solutions (Corpor8Esolutions)

Internet Strategies & Solutions, are the 'Business Tool Kits' of your website; they are integrated business systems and include many linked technologies and services designed guarantee you a return on your investment (ROI). They include:

  • Web enabled corporate strategies and solutions (surveys, e-recruiting, e-education & training, e-communication and internet marketing strategies)

  • Search Engine Registration & Optimisation

  • Website Design & Hosting

  • Website Leasing & Financing

  • Flash Animation

  • Email Marketing